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Parvarti is a Hindu goddess. She is considered the Divine Mother of all the gods and goddesses.

Welcome to the WellSprings website. My name is Linnette Dooley and I can’t wait for you to join me on this journey. I created this space to have a place for women, for you, to explore and celebrate the divine feminine within. To come home to a world of thought that grounds a woman into her body and her life experiences. To shatter the silence around a woman’s experience of life.

If you find yourself asking questions similar to the one I was asking, What does it mean to be a woman, or somehow haven’t found the resonance in your life that you are wanting, then you are in the right place.

I have spent 20 years on this journey of discovery, and the last eight years sharing this work with other women. Every area of my life has been transformed by this work. I am deeply appreciative of the women who have gone before me and the women who are continuing to do this work, each in her own way, helping to unearth this ancient path.

This path is for you if you are a woman who is wanting more. More meaning in your life, your relationships, your work. More awareness of yourself, your choices, your programming. More confidence in your perspective, your intuition. More value in your journey forward.

The WellSprings Women’s Program course offerings are designed to give you the tools and the resources you need to begin your journey back to the woman you know you were meant to be but somehow lost along the way. You will learn to value your essential nature as a woman and also to honor the balance in your life between the divine feminine and divine masculine (yes, you are very divine).

If you haven’t already done so, I invite you over to The WellSprings Story page to read how this program was birthed. Or, if you are ready to begin, take a look at the courses offered below. The courses were designed to take you on the most intimate and powerful journey of your life, the one back to you. Be sure to sign up to be on the WellSprings email list for priority notice of new blog posts, course releases, and any updates. I hope I can be a source of inspiration for you on your journey.

The Program at a Glance

Meditation: Cultivating the Divine Feminine
The Silencing of the Goddess
Sexuality Redefined: A Woman’s Perspective
Female Origin Stories
The Language of Wellness
Mid-life: Transitioning Home
Spirituality: Unearthing the Divine Feminine
Values: Visualizing a Shoe that Fits

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Meditation: Cultivating the Divine Feminine

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meditationSitting meditation is perhaps the purest way to cultivate yin energy. Because our culture is overwhelmingly yang, it’s an enormously helpful practice for many people.
The Hunger for Ecstasy, Jalaja Bonheim, Ph.D.

  • Seven guided sessions
  • Downloadable Mp3 file and worksheet for each session
  • Additional resources guide
  • FREE Bonus session on removing energy cords

When you meditate you are making the choice to quiet your mind and body and create a place where you can begin to reconnect with your true essence. You are learning how to be present. Creating a meditation space on a regular basis helps to create awareness. Awareness is empowering. It allows you to make changes, to see what needs to be let go of and what needs more attention. In this meditation course I am sharing with you some of the “energy tools” that I learned while a student in the Clairvoyant Training Program at the Berkeley Psychic Institute. These simple but powerful tools will allow you to renew your mind, body and spirit, reclaiming your life force energy.

In Session One we begin the journey into the world of meditation by saying Hello to energy and the body. You will learn how to create a grounding cord and discover why this is so important. You will also learn how to use conscious breathing to benefit your meditation practice.

In Session Two we continue to explore what it means to be a vibrational being learning how to manifest in a body. You will learn how to use gold suns to gather up your energy. You will learn about the aura, also called the subtle body. And you will discover what is a place of power for you in the body.

After learning how to ground, gather up your energy, and be in your place of power, you have begun the work of becoming reoriented into the body. Now you are ready to learn how to use a powerful tool to move energy through the body. In Session Three you will learn about earth and cosmic energy, the fundamental energies of the sacred marriage within.

In Session Four you will learn how to use a tool called protection roses to define and protect your space. We will explore programming, how we get programmed, and learn the importance of releasing information that is not in affinity with us as a spirit.

chakrasIn Session Five we explore the energy vibration of amusement, its relationship to change, and what happens when you lose your amusement. You will learn how to use the creating and destroying roses tool to clear energy from specific areas.

In Session Six we explore the issue of neutrality. Neutrality is an important tool for your spiritual growth. You will learn about communication spaces, the communication space with yourself, with your body, and with others. You will learn how to keep these spaces clear and enjoy your communication.

Session Seven is all about the chakras. We will walk through the seven primary chakras and explore how the subtle body informs the physical body. You will learn how to give your chakras a tune-up or chakra healing.

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The Silencing of the Goddess

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  • Six sessions / 60 – 90 minutes each
  • Recommended textbook that complements course material
  • PDF file includes reading schedule, topics covered is each session, additional resources

If we are to ever fully understand how and why man gained
the image of the one who accomplishes the greatest and most important deeds
while woman was relegated to the role of ever-patient helper, and subsequently
assured that this was the natural state of female-male relationships, it is to
these remote periods of human history that we must travel.
When God Was A Woman, Merlin Stone

The form of a woman represented the powers of earth because woman produced life just as the earth did. She is the great round of nature. circa 25,000 B.C.

The Silencing of the Goddess course lays the foundation for the rest of the program, excluding the meditation course. In Session One we travel back into ancient time and are introduced to evidence of the veneration a great mother goddess who gives birth to all of creation and takes life back again into her womb to rebirth once again. We witness the high levels of civilization and technologies that evolved in these communities that were centered around values that celebrated life.

In Session Two we explore the complexities of a belief system that dominated for at least 25,000 years. Marija Gimbutas, who is credited with “decoding” the sacred script and symbolism of the goddess, guides us through the major aspects of the goddess.

Session Three focuses on “a change so great, indeed, that nothing else in all we know of human cultural evolution is comparable in magnitude.” (The Chalice & The Blade, Riane Eisler) We witness evidence of change in social structure, religious symbolism, and the introduction a new warrior elite as well as violence. The stressors that are very possibly the root cause of the new social order that fundamentally changes the nature of the relationships between men, women, and children are presented.

In Session Four we learn about the evolving temple environment. Ancient communities grew up around small temples celebrating a great mother goddess who was seen as the giver of all aspects of civilization as well as of life. As these communities grew and became more complex so did the temples. We follow the social changes that led to a transfer of power and the introduction of Kingship, the subordination of women, the introduction of slavery as well as other social changes.

Hera was an ancient goddess, existing long before the newer gods of the Olympic pantheon, including Zeus.

Session Five brings us forward in time to ancient Greece. By this time women have lost the right to participate in the public arena, though they are still active in temple life. Priestesses served the female gods in the Olympic pantheon, priests served the male gods. A look at the young girls and older women in cult service brings us closer to understanding the dynamic temple environment. And finally, we follow the closing of the temples and the silencing of the divine feminine in the social context.

In Session Six we rediscover the remnants of the older goddess culture that survived in England, Ireland, France, the Baltics and China. We revisit the status of women today and discuss the impact of remembering that women had the right to represent the divine and to create definitions and roles that served them. “The myth that women are marginal to the creation of history and civilization has profoundly affected the psychology of women and men.” (The Creation of Patriarchy, Gerda Lerner)

Sexuality Redefined: A Woman’s Perspective

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A full course description outlining each session will be available at a later date.

In this course we will name our cultural inheritance by looking the relationship between women and sex and the church; explore what it means to reclaim goddess sexuality; and learn how a woman’s sexuality transforms in each phase of a woman’s life: maiden, mother, and crone.

Female Origin Stories

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  • Seven sessions / 60 – 90 minutes each
  • Recommended textbook reading that complements the course material
  • PDF file includes reading schedule, topics covered is each session, and additional resources

In the beginning was blood and the moon. . .
Blood, Bread and Roses — How Menstruation Created the World, Judy Grahn

Carved into entrance of a cave in southern France. She holds a horn with thirteen incisions. circa 25,000 B.C.

Carved in the entrance of a cave in southern France, she holds a horn with thirteen incisions, perhaps referencing the thirteen months in a lunar year. circa 25,000 B.C.

In Session One we explore the significance of the female body and its monthly cycle entraining with the moon phases. We discover the power of menstrual seclusion in creating the human mind. And how menstrual ritual, or the practice of remembering, is the cornerstone of consciousness and culture.

Session Two is about engaging the power of similarity for communication and instruction. Aspects of the natural world are named as they are related to the externalized menstrual mind. Designated animals, water, and the body arts are all used to illustrate the fundamental mysteries of life.

In Session Three we see how all ceremony grounds the community into its menstrual center. From the hunt, where men engage with blood power, to the marriage ceremony and the bride with her veiled eyes and wearing lunar white, we continue to participate in ancient traditions that our ancestral mothers created to contain the gifts of the awakened menstrual mind.

Session Four reveals the menstruant as the origin of the concepts of the calendar, measurement, and orientation. She creates East, the direction she emerges from her menstrual seclusion. The goddess becomes the collective menstruant, ensuring the ordering of the cosmos by embodying sacred ritual on behalf of the community. Menstrual logic guides the planting and harvesting of the feminine earth.

In Session Five we begin our journey with Inanna, Queen of Heaven and Earth, reading her stories from Sumer. In The Huluppu Tree, Inanna is an adolescent girl, who rescues a tree from the untamed waters to cultivate for her throne and the sacred marriage bed. In Inanna and the God of Wisdom she earns her right to the holy me, overcoming the chaotic forces sent her way, by having the menstrual laws in her possession.

Inanna (whose name means Queen of Heaven) and her sacred stories from Sumer guide us through the initiations in a woman's life.

Inanna means Queen of Heaven. Her sacred stories from Sumer guide us through the initiations in a woman’s life.

Session Six continues Inanna’s stories with The Courtship of Inanna and Dumuzi, her preparations for and participation in the Sacred Marriage, blessing the king with power and ensuring the fertility of the land. In The Descent of Inanna, Inanna now in mid-life, journeys to the Great Below, opening a path between the Great Above (consciousness) and the Great Below (unconsciousness).

In Session Seven we see how crafting the materials of a feminine earth creates sacred materials for exchange. The simple menstrual hut is seen in the tavern, tabernacle, even the great pyramids. And finally, in “crossing the abyss to male blood power,” we witness the suppression of the feminine tradition, the death of spirit and the loss of the sacred in the natural world, and the introduction of shame.


Learning the Language of Wellness

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A full course description outlining each session will be available a later date.

The priestess at the Oracle of Delphi uttered those famous words “Know Thyself.” Learning to know and care for yourself is a very personal journey and central to creating health and well-being in our lives. We will learn how the body communicates with us and how we can begin to cultivate that most intimate of relationships, the one with ourselves.

Menopause: Transitioning Home

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A full course description outlining each session will be available at a later date.

Mid-life is a time when our bodies are asking us to come home, to be present. Learn why this time can be so difficult and how we can love ourselves through this time of transition. Here you will learn to how to welcome the deep seating of yourself into your body in a way that is transformative and powerful.

Spirituality: Unearthing the Divine Feminine

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  • Six sessions / 60 – 90 minutes each
  • Recommended textbook reading that complements the course material
  • PDF file includes reading schedule, topics covered is each session, and additional resources

The image of Eve is not our image of woman.
When God Was A Woman, Merlin Stone

Mosaic of women in the early days of the church.

Mosaic of women in the early days of the church.

In the first century AD, women participated as equals in the early Christian communities. In Session One we follow the development of the early church into a male institution embedded with the Western Church Fathers particular neuroses; witness the origin of the doctrine of the “unholy trinity” of original sin/sex/women; and see how the concept of virginity becomes the Christian ideal for women in the church.

Session Two continues our look at the role of women in the developing Church. We see how isolation and lack of instruction created an environment of catatonic mystics, and learn of the distinguished women mystics who overcame a misogynist environment to reform convent life.The Church’s creation of the devil and centuries of anti-sex/women propaganda explodes in the Witch Hunts. And finally, in a declining religious environment, the development of the Idealized Woman that once again serves the repressed male psyche.

In Session Three we begin to leave our cultural inheritance behind as we work to unearth the divine feminine, embracing a goddess archetype that mirrors a woman’s essence. We follow women seeking god from the inside out, speaking and sharing their truth; explore a path for women that is embodied and relational; and learn what it means to have the divine feminine as the basis in our lives.

Session Four finds the gateway to the divine to be as numerous as our individual paths. We see how women experience prayer and honor their need for solitude; how embodying the sacred brings a sacred awareness into everyday life. The power of the Descent, or doing body/soul work, incarnating spirit into humanity, allows us to experience the real meaning of the Divine Marriage.

Lilith appears in Hebrew mythology as Adam’s first wife, refusing to be sexually submissive to him. She references back to an earlier time where she was the right hand of Inanna.

Lilith appears in Hebrew mythology as Adam’s first wife, refusing to be sexually submissive to him. She references back to an earlier time when she was the right hand of Inanna.

In Session Five we see the power of story. The story of Lilith and Adam and Eve exposes the power struggle between two different belief systems and leaves us with a legacy of shame. Ecstasy and the pathway of pleasure is shunned as god is severed from goddess, spirit from nature. We explore the path of ecstasy as the true experience of self and the way forward in healing the split between body and spirit.

Session Six continues our exploration of the path of ecstasy. We learn of the practices that cultivate a receptive nature and clear the path for ecstasy. We rediscover beauty as a spiritual quality and the way it helps us in remembering our own divinity. In embracing ecstasy we are awakened to embodying the divine feminine.


Values: Visualizing a Shoe That Fits

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A full course description outlining each session will be available at a later date.

Together we will follow a woman’s journey through life, explore the nature of the feminine response, and works towards visualizing a world into which we can ground our physical, emotional and spiritual lives.