Welcome to the Journey. . .

Demeter, goddess of the harvest who presided over grains and the fertility of the earth, and her daughter Persephone with a grain offering.

. . . exploring and celebrating the path of the divine feminine.

Hello! My name is Linnette Dooley and I want to welcome you to the WellSprings website. I created this site to have a place for women who are seeking a deeper resonance in their lives to explore the path of the divine feminine.

Women are embracing a new path, which is really a very ancient path, because it speaks to their experience, validates their essence, and reflects their values. We live in a patriarchal culture, where the “male norm” is the standard, and this influences a woman’s perception of herself and her experiences. The path of the divine feminine, or the goddess, grounds a woman into her unique biology, psychology and spirituality and celebrates the divinity of the feminine principle.

You can learn more about how my journey was birthed from a simple question, by reading the full story on The WellSprings Story page.

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I am also on Facebook where I hope to inspire you with daily quotes from many of the women who have inspired me. I invite you to join in the conversation there as we do this work of remembering our goddess nature together. May you be the woman you were meant to be!